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Legal Disclaimer

This site is designed for informational purposes only; information is believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate. Images, site plans, neighborhood amenities, including landscaping and renderings are conceptual in nature, are not drawn to scale, and are subject to availability, change or substitution at any time and without notice.

Off-site uses and improvements to the extent shown, are for reference purposes only, are not within the control of the Real Estate Agent or Broker and are not guaranteed.

Please be advised that the manner in which third parties have measured square footage calculations shown herein, may differ from the manner in which square footage calculations are measured and defined by the Multiple Listing Service. Landscaping, hardscape, and any other exterior improvements depicted are not to scale and may vary as to type, maturity, color, location and quantity.

Website users are advised to check and confirm the information provided through direct professional contact with the Gary Hains Real Estate office.

Gary Hains Real Estate is a Licensed Realtor in the State of Florida; Gulf Breeze Real Estate is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida.

The above is information, which we consider reliable, but because third parties have supplied it, we cannot represent that it is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such. This listing may be subject to errors, omissions, changes and potential non-conforming areas, which may not be insurable or considered a portion of the value of the sales price of the property. A buyer should consult an attorney with respect to any and all matters which may affect the use and/or obligations with respect to ownership of this or any other property.

Please contact Gary Hains Real Estate with questions or for additional information at 239.821.8815.

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Privacy Policy

This Policy/Statement is provided to you by Gray Hains Real Estate and its Affiliates in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Gary Hains Real Estate respects the privacy of its customers. We keep our customers’ best interests at heart and place a high priority on protecting the Personal Information you provide. It is the intention of Gary Hains Real Estate to create a safe website forum in which to provide customers, colleagues, industry insiders, and the real estate brokerage community with timely and relevant information. Gary Hains Real Estate collects information in an effort to meet its customer’s needs. We also collect this information for market research and product development.

This Privacy Policy is provided to assure you that all personal information provided to Gary Hains Real Estate or its Affiliates during the course of business transactions is disclosed only within Gary Hains Real Estate and to its Affiliates, Service Providers, and third parties as allowed or required by law. “Personal Information” is data and information which identifies or relates to you or your family members and which may not be publicly available. We do not sell any customer lists that contain your personal information.

The policies and disclosures contained in this Privacy Policy are subject to change and anyone who has provided us with personal information will be notified when changes are made.

Sharing of Personal Information between Affiliates and Third Parties:

Gary Hains Real Estate is associated with a number of companies, including, without limitation, Gulf Breeze Real Estate (”Affiliates”). Gary Hains Real Estate may share with and between its Affiliates, personal information you provide to Gary Hains Real Estate and/or personal information that you provide to (or that is procured by) any of its Affiliates. We also share personal information with third parties that we have engaged to implement the development and management of Gary Hains Real Estate.

Personal Information we collect may be generated in several ways:

  • When you visit our website, the information manually entered by you is collected and stored into our database/server.
  • When you visit or call into the sales office, the information collected is inputted into our database.
  • Information collected during our relationship with you, and as you purchase and finance your home (including information which may be provided by your attorney and/or financial institution).
  • Any correspondence received by you (including but not limited to email, letter or fax) will be saved in our files so that issues may be responded to accordingly.
  • Personal Information that is publicly available, such as deeds, public record data or mortgages.

Non-Affiliates/Service Providers (Third Parties):

Our Service Providers are third parties that are not affiliated with Gary Hains Real Estate and who perform services or functions on behalf of Gary Hains Real Estate or its Affiliates (including but not limited to attorneys, banks, accountants, etc.). Our Service Providers are entrusted to utilize your personal information only to provide the services we’ve hired them to perform for us.

Employees and agents of Gary Hains Real Estate cannot use your personal information for purposes other than those, which we at Gary Hains Real Estate have authorized.

E-mail Correspondence and Opting Out of E-mail communications:

Upon receipt of your registration (by way of the website, a sales office visit, or call into the sales office), your email address is entered into our database system. If you have elected or requested to subscribe to our email communication efforts, then you will receive periodic updates from Gary Hains Real Estate. You may decline to receive email notifications. At any time, you may elect to opt out of the subscription by clicking on [email protected] or using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email communication. Should you continue to receive email correspondence from us after you have unsubscribed, please contact us directly at 239.821.8815 and provide us with any and all email addresses you wish to have removed and/or which messages you wish to stop receiving.

All website content including but not limited to logos, renderings, and photography are the property of Gary Hains Real Estate, licensed and copyrighted as such, and may not be used, reproduced, copied, sold, replicated, or exploited by any other party, unless expressly authorized in writing by Gary Hains Real Estate.